abrazo BBQ & Grill Pads

Brilliant Shine. Since 1925.

The name abrazo has long been associated with steel wool soap pads. The unsurpassed quality results from the way abrazo cleaning pads are uniquely saturated with natural plant-based soap. abrazo has been a byword for powerful cleaning and shiny clean kitchens for more than a century. Today, abrazo is the most popular cleaning pad brand in Germany and many other European countries.

How the abrazo BBQ & Grill Pads work:

  • abrazo BBQ & Grill Pads remove even stubborn dirt and dried-on residues effectively and fast.
  • The soap-saturated cleaning pads dissolve all grease and grime and are ready for immediate use.
  • The natural vegetable soap is 100% biodegradable and cleans every grill spotless – ready for its next use.
  • The extra-fine steel wool fibres ensure gentle and effective cleaning.
  • Vegan and licensed to carry the V-label by ProVeg e. V.
  • Made in Germany