abrazo Oven Cleaner

Brilliant Shine. Since 1925.

Oscar Weil GmbH is the leading manufacturer of steel wool products in Germany. abrazo Oven Cleaner is a special cleaning sponge for ovens, grills and baking trays. Its unbeatable effectiveness is thanks to the mix of ultra-fine stainless-steel fibres and grease-dissolving natural vegetable soap. This means abrazo Oven Cleaner can quickly remove grease, dirt, and burnt-on residues without leaving any trace. Unlike conventional oven sprays, abrazo Oven Cleaner works completely without chemicals and acts immediately with no need to leave it to soak in.

How the abrazo Oven Cleaner works:

  • abrazo Oven Cleaner removes even stubborn dirt and dried-on residues effectively and fast.
  • The soap-saturated cleaning side dissolves all grease and grime – and reduces germs and odours.
  • The natural vegetable soap is 100% biodegradable, antibacterial, and cleans every grill spotlessly – ready for its next use.
  • The extra-fine steel wool fibres provide gentle and effective cleaning.
  • Vegan and licensed to carry the V-label by ProVeg e. V.
  • Made in Germany